HOA’s and Property Management Companies

In addition to the benefits individual residents receive from our service, the community as a whole benefits. The neighborhood will no longer be filled with foul smelling trash bins, and the overall health risks to the community will be reduced. Many residents will be more inclined to store their bins in their garage, helping curb the issues of unsightly bins being stored in view of neighbors or the community. We have found that residents who store their bins in their garage are more likely to bring them back in on trash pickup day, versus others who may leave them out a day longer. When an HOA chooses to use our service, we are able to greatly reduce our cost per household, passing on the savings. As with other amenities, a trash bin cleaning service is a great enhancement to the community and by combining resources, residents can achieve much greater cost reductions for the benefit of all.  Contact us today for more information on special rates for your entire neighborhood.

We currently have service available throughout the Phoenix area!