The Process

After signing up for our service, your house will get added to our route based on the trash day provided to us. On the same day as your trash pick up, one of our friendly drivers will come to your house to clean your bins. No action will be required from you.

Jet Sparkle utilizes a truck mounted system in order to clean your trash bins.  On initial service, your bin will be thoroughly cleaned with a biodegradable degreaser in order to remove contaminants and built up residue. On each service, your trash bins are hydraulically lifted above a custom water receptacle, at which point our pressurized hot water system works hard to thoroughly clean and disinfect those bins, collecting the excess water in the process. Bins are left clean, disinfected, and deodorized, eliminating the hazards of dirty bins as well as the unpleasantness of dealing with them. We will continue to provide service at your selected interval, leaving you with a fresh bin and one less thing to worry about.